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Better Teams
by Building Better People

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Rebekah is a seasoned professional with decades of experience ranging from teaching, coaching, and a lengthy career as a cardiovascular perfusionist.


With a keen interest stemming from a multi-sport career in high school, college, and 30 yrs (and counting) in the extreme sport of ultrarunning, she clearly understands the role character skill development plays in individual and team culture. Rebekah has worked with countless coaches and student athletes ranging from middle school to NCAA Division 1 athletics, as well as those in business, education, and faith-based organizations. She uses activity to teach principle and masterfully integrates lessons learned from mountain tops and along jungle trails into interactive sessions that assess current culture and propose actions to move teams (athletic or otherwise) forward.

Rebekah looks forward to working with your group. Whether in the context of a story-filled keynote or an interactive, activity-laden session or retreat with a smaller cohort, she will work with you to meet organizational needs.

For more than a decade Rebekah has had a profound impact on the team building of all the teams I've served at the University of Virginia, either through her in-person presentations and workshops or her books. She has contributed to our increased team unity.

George Morris

Chaplain to UVA Men’s Basketball, Blue Ridge FCA Multi-Area Director


About Rebekah

Rebekah has been around the block a few times -and over mountains, through valleys, in the heat of the jungle, and in the muck of Amazonian swamps. She is not your average Grandma. But she is someone who offers a unique perspective gained from a multifaceted career and impressive athletic resume, particularly as a record-setting, multi-decade veteran of mind-boggling ultramarathons and multi-day adventures.

Rebekah’s life exemplifies focus, motivation, endurance, and perseverance. After a three-year stint as a high school teacher and coach, she furthered her studies at The Ohio State College of Medicine, School of Allied Health Professions to gain the proper education setting her up for a 25-year career inside the walls of cardiac surgery operating rooms. She quickly rose to multiple national leadership positions within the American Society of Extracorporeal Technology, culminating in becoming the National Manager of Continuing Medical Education. This role offered many opportunities to provide instruction and a call to excellence from platforms worldwide.

After retiring from the medical field, Rebekah authored 8 books, started a blog, and continues to impact audiences in a variety of venues: schools and universities, athletic departments, coaches, athletes, faith-based groups, and industry. She uses stories from medicine and her 50 year athletic career to inspire and motivate audiences to become better people because better people make better anythings.


Rebekah's Talks


Jungles, Jaunts, and Mountain Tops: 6 Steps to Doing Big Things

How do you respond when presented with a daunting task? Does it stop you dead in your tracks getting you nowhere fast? Or do you charge full speed ahead without giving it much thought? Listen as Rebekah shares her response to “I bet you can’t run 50 miles” spoken over 30 years ago and ultimately plunking her into the middle of the Amazon jungle. As she continues to run 50 miles at a time—and more—she has learned the secret to doing more than she once thought possible and is anxious to help you do the same.

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A Case for Character: The Curious Elasticity between Communication, Leadership, and Becoming Better People

The world is becoming ever complicated in the quest for something new and better. Successes are measured in wins and losses, hard data, and countless measurables. But what would happen if we put more emphasis on people rather than performance? Rebekah makes a compelling case that if we want to optimize performance, we must start with optimizing the character skills of the individuals on our teams.

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Creative Coaching Across 3 Dimensions

Whether you coach athletes or business team members, the truth is this: Show them. Don’t tell them. Admit it, we tend to tune out when preached at or told what to do. But just think about the impact some teacher or coach had on you when they set the stage for you to discover truth for yourself. In this highly interactive session, you will discover—and practice—strategies to teach principle through prescriptive activity.

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Need more info?

Rebekah invites the opportunity to engage with your team utilizing a customized approach that serves to assess current status, address needs, and devise a way forward. While each session is uniquely prepared for your group, general topics that can be mixed and matched include the following.

Keynotes (45-60 min)

  • A Case for Character (Personal development)

  • Jungles, Jaunts, and Mountaintops: 6 Steps To Doing Really Big Things (Motivational)

  •  When Fear And Dreams Collide (Motivational)

  • Don’t You Want To Know What Happens If You Don’t Give Up? (Motivational)

  • What’s In Your Backpack (Motivational/Prioritization)

  • Endurance Inspired By Hope (Faith Based)

  • Finding Perspective When You Can’t See Where You Are Going (Faith-Based/Non-Faith Based)

Corporate Profession/Personal Development (1 hr,Half-Day, Full day, Retreats)

  • Utilizing Character Skill Development To Build Effective Teams and Improve Performance

  • The Curious Elasticity Between Effective Leadership, Communication, And Becoming Better People

  • Team Assessment Using A Simple But Novel Approach

  • Prioritizing People and Commonsense Professionalism

Athletic Coaches & Team Engagement (1 hr, Half-Day, Full day, Retreat Settings)

  • Creative Coaching Across 3 Dimensions;  Using Activity To Teach Principle

  • Coaching With A Purpose

  •  Conversations For Coaches

  •  Strategies for Assessing Your Team

  • Novel Team Assessment

  • Using activity to teach principle


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Rebekah Trittipoe has assisted with developing strategies to efficiently adapt a more successful culture for my teams for over 20 years! She develops a curriculum that is based on assessments and evaluations of our needs to develop both the individual and team through private individual relationships, small group meetings, and team retreats. She influences the individual which positively impacts the team's culture.

Carey Green: Head Coach, Women’s Basketball, Liberty University

Gerry harter.jpg

Rebekah spoke at our Executive Team's leadership conference for the VA Dept. of Transportation to discuss team building and putting people first. With Rebekah's extensive experience working with sports teams and athletes, she was armed with not only a great speech but had activities throughout the speech that involved considerable interaction from the audience. If you need to build teams and strengthen people, Rebekah 's caring coaching style is a perfect fit.

Gerry Harter, District Traffic & Operations Director, Virginia Department of Transportation

Rebekah’s work with our team and especially with our coaches was life-changing! Her wisdom and activities forced us out of our comfort zone and pushed us to become better people and employees!
Beyond that, the care she showed for each individual member of the team was second to none. Her intentionality is what I will always take with me, wherever I go!

Giancarlo Lemmi: Author: The Court of Excellence, Co-host of the Christian Coach Podcast, Director of Tennis Operations and Facilities, Liberty University, Social Media Coordinator and Project Manager, John Acuff

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For more than a decade Rebekah has had a profound impact on the team building of all the teams I've served at the University of Virginia, either through her in-person presentations and workshops or her books. She has contributed to our increased team unity.

George Morris, Chaplain to UVA Men’s Basketball, Blue Ridge FCA Multi-Area Director

George Morris.jpeg

Rebekah was a personable and intelligent speaker who provided engaging leadership training applicable to sport and life. She showed us what it takes to be a great teammate and gave us the tools to apply it. I look forward to the next time she presents!”

Priscilla Ziefle, Retreat Attendee, Liberty University Athlete

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Rebekah Trittipoe, was my high school cross country coach, collegiate mentor, and continues to be an inspiration to me in my own coaching career. Taking individuals out of their comfort zones and helping them discover valuable life lessons is one of the things Trittipoe does best. Now as a high school basketball coach, I continue to seek Coach T’s guidance for creative coaching techniques, building team culture, and how to love and serve my athletes the way she has mentored me.

Emily Hill, Head Coach, Appomattox Women’s Basketball


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